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 Tytuł: Tour Indradyumny Swamiego na Wyspach
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Prosimy o pozostawienie komentarzy do artykułu


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Kanciana piekny tekst, dziekuje serdecznie za niego, nie mówiac juz o zdjeciach, dzieki serdeczne ze raczysz na takimi nektarami.
Bardzo miło sie to czyta i oglada

Ps. Kamala to juz duza dziewucha :)
pozatym to zdjecie
mnie urzekło :)
pozdro Dla Nrsimhadeva

"...jesli chcesz zbudowac statek, nie każ ludziom zbierać drewna, ale obudź w nich tesknotę za Oceanem.."

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zobaczcie jak niezwykle hh indrjadjumna maharadz odwzajemnia sie sluzba dla swego drogiego slugi i chroni go przed deszczem
takie zdjecia dostarczaja bardzo duzo wzruszen

Niech Pan Śri Ćajtanja, księżyc Nawadwipy, król tancerzy, pojawi się
w zakątku mego serca.

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Dziękuję Kancana Mataji!!!
Wspaniały artykuł, wspaniale zdjęcia...Kamala jest słodka!!! taki kaczorek :)


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Wczoraj na PAMHO ukazal sie nastepujacy tekst zwiazany z letnimi festiwalami w Irlandii:

Dear devotees, friends and wellwishers of ISKCON Ireland,

Today marks the official end of the 2007 Irish festival period and
this year has been a very special year for all of us. It marks the end
of a year full of wonderful Krishna Conscious festivals including
numerous small hall programmes by visiting senior devotees - but most
prominently our very special Dublin & Belfast Rathayatra festivals
along with a maha celebration of Sri Krishna Janmastami at
Govindadwipa. 2007 has been one of our most active years for festivals
in recent time and it was clear to all who attended that the festivals
were a success.

Just a short while ago I left a debriefing meeting held by Dublin City
Council which included delegates from the various government agencies
such as the Gardai (Ireland's police force), the Fire Department, the
Health & Safety authority and the transport authority. We work hard to
maintain good relationships with these important agencies who have a
lot of influence over what we can and can't do but with an event that
is not officially funded and the organisation of which relies solely
on the community rather than paid full-time professional event
organisers our festivals, although successful, often leave at least a
little to be desired in terms of strategic management and all that
stuff that government agencies like. Having met with these departments
many times before I came to the meeting in the mood of accepting
constructive criticism, with the hopes of improving the festival even
more than we already have over the past four years of holding it.

That is why I was so surprised that when I arrived and sat down
amongst the board of 20 officials, that when they each took a turn in
expressing their view of how they felt it went, each and every one of
them said nothing except words of praise for the festival, it's mood,
the organisation and the cooperation of those who participated. I was
almost a little disappointed when the 20th person, the head of the
North-city Gardai who was sitting next to me, finished speaking his
words of praise and I realised I had no notes to take and nothing to
focus on improving. I love constructive criticism!

My point is simple - this level of praise doesn't come by accident. It
also doesn't just come randomly as some esoteric gift from Lord
Krishna. These people call it like they see it and a successful
festival happens purely because the mood of the festival genuinely was
great. Everyone was smiling and happy and I have no question that Lord
Jagannatha was pleased - you could easily see it by looking at Him.
(See below for pictures!). There is one and only one reason why all of
this happened, and that is the genuine sincerity and dedication of
each and every one of you who participated in making our 2007
festivals such extraordinary events - they truly will go down in
history. So many people participated in different ways. His Holiness
Indradyumna Maharaja and His Holiness Janananda Swami with their
wonderfully inspiring presence, Titiksu and Sanatana Prabhus of UK
Rathayatra fame for their amazing dedication, the devotees from around
the world who travelled all the way to Ireland to organise and perform
on-stage and worked amazingly hard, our extended community in Ireland
who supported us so much and of course our very special Irish festival
devotees - you all know who you are - I would ask you to please accept
my personal gratitude for the work you put in to making these
festivals what they were.

As I left the meeting (one of the shortest I've ever attended) I was
approached by two different officials. One of them was a senior
official in the council's events unit who suggested that we might
apply for funding for our festival because they appreciated what we
were doing. Naturally there is no guarantee of receiving the funding
as many organisations apply however many of the people who approve it
were there in that room and they certainly showed appreciation for
what we are doing so that's a great start.

The second official suggested that we might expand our cooperation
with the council and state agencies and consider officially
celebrating such events as Diwali and Sri Krishna Janmastami in
Ireland - maybe in the Mayor's office itself. He even suggested that
one of the state bands might accompany us in our kirtan :-)

With a mixture of contentment and surprise I left the government
buildings with a clear dedication that we need to take this to the
next level. To do this we need to keep communicating and work actively
and we need the direct involvement of each and every person as every
idea counts. What we need even more is people willing to take action
so if you are that kind of person then this is aimed particularly at
you. We are launching a special ISKCON Festival Forum which will cover
all aspects of the ongoing organisation of festivals in Ireland - here
all the latest news will be posted and you will also be able to share
your opinions and ideas. The email address is
festival.forum@krishna.ie. If you'd like to participate then please
send an email to that address and you will be added to the forum. It's
not public at the moment as we are changing servers at Krishna.ie but
you will be kept up to date with all the latest happenings and have a
chance to get involved before anyone else even hears the news.
Everyone is welcome to join, as long as you're committed to the
positive development of our festivals.

Just because the state agencies had no constructive criticism - that
doesn't mean you don't. I would like to invite everyone who attended
our 2007 events to please come forward with any comments about how
they felt the festivals went and any areas that could be improved. Two
important points here; if you are telling me about a problem please
also include at least one solution to that problem as I'd like the
benefit of your creative intelligence as well as your observational
skills. The other point is that I receive hundreds of emails daily so
please excuse me if I don't reply to you in a hurry - I promise I will
read what you've written and take it on board.

As a special gift please log on to http://www.krishna.ie/festival/2007
to see some wonderful pictures and videos of our festivals. If you
have any more pictures please email them to me or if you have lots
then post a CD to 'ISKCON Festival, 83 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1,
Ireland' and I'll share them around. The website also gives you the
opportunity to be among the first to contribute to the 2008 festivals.
Presently pictures and videos of Dublin Rathayatra and Govindadwipa
Janmastami/Nandotsava are ready to view.

In that spirit of gratitude I wish everyone a happy and spiritually
uplifting New Year and look forwarding to working alongside you in
2008 to continue the spread of Krishna Consciosness in Ireland.

Your servant,

Janmastami dasa
ISKCON Ireland

Pod adresem http://www.krishna.ie/festival/2007 sa tez filmiki i zdjecia z festiwali.



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